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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest of your life, the process of putting your dream event together should be equally as enjoyable. Ethereal has just a few ground rules for working towards creating a memorable day and experience.

  • I insist we laugh! If it's not fun, let's find a way to make it fun! The wedding planning process can and should be one you enjoy.

  • Make it personal. Non-traditional. A little quirky. As long as it reflects you and your relationship, we can incorporate it. Your wedding should be representative of how you feel and who you are, anything but generic.

  • Trust. Trust has to be earned, and Ethereal will do what we need to make sure you know that we hear you and understand your vision. Then we'll take the responsibility off of your shoulders and allow you to enjoy your day!

  • Be treated like it's important! Yes, we have other clients, but you wouldn't know it. Our service is personal and focused. It's about you and your day, and having an experienced friend help with the process.

Couples marry all the time without the assistance of a consultant. So why do you need one?
It's the difference between getting married and hosting an event that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come, and that you will look back on with only the happiest of memories.
It's the voice of experience that will keep you from making mistakes that have beset so many brides before you.
It's the advantage of enjoying your evening, knowing that all the details are taken care of...that your day will be as you've always pictured it.